Percolate Quiet

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Have you ever started with a goal only to find 5 days later it is tough to stick to and you’re off course and haven’t made any of the changes that you wanted to make?

Here are three common goals that by day 7 are broken.

1. “I am going to exercise 30 minutes each day.”
2. “I am going to write a daily blog.”
3. “I am going to quit smoking.”

How do you effect change and create a good habit?

How do you toss out an old habit?

For most, the problem lies with time and attention. Too much time on other things and not enough attention on the things you need to focus on.

So for today I’d like empower you with the right to remain silent!!  My guess is for many of you, including me, taking ten minutes of silent reflection can be a bit uncomfortable and feels maybe a bit self-indulgent.However you have the right to remain silent!Silence can sometimes be uncomfortable because without distractions we feel what we are feeling and think what we are thinking and sometimes we don’t want to.So, now that the discomfort has set in we know we are on the right track. How we move forward with discomfort is important. That’s your gem. It’s a lot easier to avoid feeling uncomfortable than it is to deal with it. For me ten minutes or more is the key.

If you just make a promise to stick with your goal and stay on your target idea for ten minutes a day, the waves of change you create can make a major difference. That’s a habit worth making!

Ten minutes a day dedicated to self care is a wonderful goal. Just think how much better our day can be if we all took time each day to show appreciation for ourselves. Filling up ‘us’ allows us to enjoy others. It’s a great first step to lasting change!


 Some of my quiet moments are spent with my cats or my dog.  Pets have a marvelous way of helping us just relax and rest.  This is Jersey.  She is our cat we’ve had for 16 years now.

Put your journal down.  Walk away from your journal, lol.

Seriously, Put your journal away for a bit and just find a spot to relax and
sit in quiet for ten minutes or more.  (Sometimes people find quiet in going for a walk or walking their dog or just relaxing with their cat.)  Do what works for you.

Now pick up your journal or pick it up later in the day and think about this:

Did you have thoughts racing in your silence?

Are you pausing several times throughout your day to break and rest?

How long did it take for you to quiet your mind?

Some of us sit in silence and use it to think.  I get it.

If you are a sit in silence thinker, what new ideas or thoughts did you have?

If you sat in silence and thought about lists of things you need to do, write those down.

Give yourself permission to keep thinking in your silence until you
develop a mindful practice of quieting down.

Percolate Quiet.
Be Quiet.

Love, Elizabeth