What Would Betty White Do?

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Change can leave you feeling indecisive, scared, and even stressed. It’s scary to move out of your safe zone and into the unknown of doing something different. So, in comes actress Betty White. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan. Betty doesn’t know it, but anyone who hangs out with me is well aware that she’s one of my idols. To me, Betty is fearless, funny, and real. She’s a perfect example of percolating the best cup of coffee around. She inspires me with her class and humor. In times of indecision, I often ask myself WWBWD: What Would Betty White Do?

Would she choose a ​cup of the serious Sumatra or go for a lighter New England blend? The answer is clear and always the same: Betty would probably laugh and go light!

I love and appreciate that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She exudes a level of confidence and courage that I constantly aspire to achieve. You’ll often hear me say: “In any time of indecision or confusion, ask yourself #WWBWD? 99.9 percent of the time you’ll have your answer.” I really do think that laughter is the best stress crusher. I strongly believe that we should just be ourselves and be hilarious doing it. By doing so, we show the world that we’re confident and comfortable being who we are. So the next time you’re feeling overly stressed, see if you can find a glimmer of humor in it, and ask yourself WWBWD. I promise you that if you just stop and ask yourself this question, nine times out of ten, you’ll laugh or have distracted yourself from the problem. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take what is happening seriously. It really just means to try to put things into perspective and keep the stress in check.


​If finding the right dress for an event puts you straight into heart palpitation mode, for example, go pick out the craziest, ugly dress you can find at the store, try it on, and have a laugh at yourself. If you get crazed every time you try to put on false eyelashes, like I do, find a few ​stuck to your hair during an important event once or twice in your lifetime, and have a crazy good chuckle. It’s amazing how freeing it is to be able to laugh at yourself. No longer do you worry about what others think, but instead, you gain the self-assurance to feel that you can handle anything that comes your way. Once you achieve this feeling, you gain the ability to dream big. Remember Walt Disney’s wise words: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Well, it’s true— you can! In fact, to make changes and better choices in your life, dream about them first. I say dream and keep dreaming with a dash of determination, decisiveness, and sense of humor thrown in.

Reach up and set the bar higher with everything you do. Commitment and consistency help dreams become reality. Stay the course and never give up. The journey getting to your dreams will be nothing like what you imagined. In fact, you’ll discover that what you’ve dreamed actually takes on many forms along the way. However, the most important thing is to remember to stay the course, hold steady, and embrace opportunities.

​Taking the First Step
Let’s take that first step to achieving your goals. Remember, choose the lighter blend of life and stay true to yourself as you begin the voyage. I know you have the courage to do it, and you know you have it.

Grab your Percolate journal and reflect on these questions:

• It’s decision time: Will your goals stay a dream, or will they become a reality?
• What factors will help you decide to make a huge change?
• Will you feel better?
• What will be mended?
• What will get broken?
• What can you live with?
• What can you live without?
• Have you evaluated the pros and cons?
• Do you feel comfortable knowing what you’re getting into?

There is one more level of courage, determination, and self-confidence that is necessary before taking that first step. It’s a leap of faith! Having the courage ​to change ultimately relies on the faith you have in yourself and your ability to cope with whatever arises. There are no right or wrong answers when making the decision to change; there are no guarantees that one option will ultimately be the best. That’s why a variety of choices will eventually make the process better.

We create our best change.


Be decisive

Love, Elizabeth

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is the author of PERCOLATE – Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House 4/14/14) and founder and CEO of theBest Ever You Network. Elizabeth understands firsthand the challenges life can bring and has worked with thousands across the globe to illuminate their light within and help them live their best life. She has a degree in communications and broadcasting; is a life coach, food-allergy expert, and anaphylaxis survivor; and is the host of The Best Ever You Show. Elizabeth lives with her husband and four boys in Maine.

Percolate Quiet

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Have you ever started with a goal only to find 5 days later it is tough to stick to and you’re off course and haven’t made any of the changes that you wanted to make?

Here are three common goals that by day 7 are broken.

1. “I am going to exercise 30 minutes each day.”
2. “I am going to write a daily blog.”
3. “I am going to quit smoking.”

How do you effect change and create a good habit?

How do you toss out an old habit?

For most, the problem lies with time and attention. Too much time on other things and not enough attention on the things you need to focus on.

So for today I’d like empower you with the right to remain silent!!  My guess is for many of you, including me, taking ten minutes of silent reflection can be a bit uncomfortable and feels maybe a bit self-indulgent.However you have the right to remain silent!Silence can sometimes be uncomfortable because without distractions we feel what we are feeling and think what we are thinking and sometimes we don’t want to.So, now that the discomfort has set in we know we are on the right track. How we move forward with discomfort is important. That’s your gem. It’s a lot easier to avoid feeling uncomfortable than it is to deal with it. For me ten minutes or more is the key.

If you just make a promise to stick with your goal and stay on your target idea for ten minutes a day, the waves of change you create can make a major difference. That’s a habit worth making!

Ten minutes a day dedicated to self care is a wonderful goal. Just think how much better our day can be if we all took time each day to show appreciation for ourselves. Filling up ‘us’ allows us to enjoy others. It’s a great first step to lasting change!


 Some of my quiet moments are spent with my cats or my dog.  Pets have a marvelous way of helping us just relax and rest.  This is Jersey.  She is our cat we’ve had for 16 years now.

Put your journal down.  Walk away from your journal, lol.

Seriously, Put your journal away for a bit and just find a spot to relax and
sit in quiet for ten minutes or more.  (Sometimes people find quiet in going for a walk or walking their dog or just relaxing with their cat.)  Do what works for you.

Now pick up your journal or pick it up later in the day and think about this:

Did you have thoughts racing in your silence?

Are you pausing several times throughout your day to break and rest?

How long did it take for you to quiet your mind?

Some of us sit in silence and use it to think.  I get it.

If you are a sit in silence thinker, what new ideas or thoughts did you have?

If you sat in silence and thought about lists of things you need to do, write those down.

Give yourself permission to keep thinking in your silence until you
develop a mindful practice of quieting down.

Percolate Quiet.
Be Quiet.

Love, Elizabeth

Percolate Wellness

I’m fascinated by and seem to interview a lot of athletes, particularly marathon runners.  It remains interesting to hear these folks talk about the joy they find logging the miles and how they try to find their best times and so forth.  I still seem to be the wogger I talk about in PERCOLATE.  I use to term “wogger”  to put a word to my walk/run combination of exercising – “Wogging” 🙂

Well, 2015 has rolled around and I’d say I’m in pretty good health. I’m kind of sick and tired of being a wogger though.  I’ve been wogging and wogging and just wogging along.  It’s time to run.  This year, I’d like to shift into awesome health & well-being.  With my food allergies and inflammation under such better control with the changes to sugar intake and food choices for a few years,  I’ve next decided to reclaim my inner athlete and be in as best health I can be in as 2015 continues and hopefully the years roll on.  I’m not positive I’ll reclaim my entire gymnast self.  That’s the one who could do flip after flip after flip.  I can still walk on my hands and do cartwheels and so forth, which isn’t bad for 45.  But I think I can step that up too.  I think I might look into help kids with their gymnastic dreams and goals.

Howabout you?  Do you seem to have the same conversation with yourself day in and day out without much shift in your well-being?  Are things getting slowly worse as you age?  How is your overall well-being?  Any health and fitness goals?

One item new to my wellness is a Fitbit Flex.  My husband and I bought a Fitbit when we were out shopping.  I was having a chat with a neighbor a few weeks prior and she said she had lost 10 pounds just by using her Fitbit.  Each day I saw her that followed she asked me if I had one yet….   I do now.  I use it on my computer and on my iPhone with the app.

I’ve been using my Fitbit for just about 7 days now and have lost 3 pounds.  You set your goal and how aggressive you want to be with reaching your goal and it charts you on a course. It helps you track the food and calories you eat while paying attention to how much you move and how much of a “deficit” you want.  In other words, as everyone knows, you can’t out exercise a bad diet.  If you eat more than you exercise you will gain weight. You have to have fewer calories in and move more to make a change in your weight.   It seems to help get you more aware of your intake and exercise habits to create that metabolism hum.   It also tracks your sleep.  I really didn’t need it to do that, because I am a solid sleeper.  It’s been nice to see it confirmed though 🙂
FullSizeRender (10)
I also put a note in our Best Ever You Community and quickly discovered many had Fitbits and loved them or family members had them.  Some had never heard of it and thought it was a neat thing they might buy.
How are you sleeping?

How often do you eat and what are you eating?

How many calories are you eating per day?

Are you exercising each day?

Are you building muscle mass?

Are you burning fat?

Are you exercising off (buring off) the calories you eat each day?

Are you exercising off (burning off) the the calories you eat each day and then some to give a deficit to allow for weight loss?

Do you pay attention to sugar intake?

Do you consume alcohol?  drugs? tobacco?  prescription drugs?

Have you given up because you feel too old to be healthy or don’t know how to reclaim pieces of your youth?

Have you had all relevant health check ups?

Do you have a chronic condition that you want to start shifting away from and into well-being?

What are you wellness goals?

Percolate Wellness & Well-Being
Be Well.

Love, Elizabeth

About Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino
elizabethhamiltonguarinophotoElizabeth Hamilton-Guarino is the author of PERCOLATE – Let Your Best Self Filter Through (Hay House 4/14/14) and founder and CEO of the Best Ever You Network. Elizabeth understands firsthand the challenges life can bring and has worked with thousands across the globe to illuminate their light within and help them live their best life. She has a degree in communications and broadcasting; is a life coach, food-allergy expert, and anaphylaxis survivor; and is the host of The Best Ever You Show. Elizabeth lives with her husband and four boys in Maine.

Brew Your Best Life in 2015

015Good Morning from Maine! #Gratitude​

Welcome to PERCOLATE Daily.

I hope you follow along with me each day, perhaps even consider using a journal to write your thoughts as we go.  I also would love your comments and I’m sure others would appreciate them too. In my book, Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through, today and for the next several days, we are following along with The PERCOLATE Process.

I also taped a 50 minute free audio for you to listen to.  Click to listen:  Brew Your Best Life in 2015.

When we Percolate, we gradually improve ourselves and others as our message we share with the world expands.  When we are our best self, we touch the lives and hearts of others in positive, compassionate and often enlightening ways.

To begin Percolating and being our best, we must first understand that our life opens up when we shift our energy into our passions and talents that tap into our soul.  This, combined with developing and using your own set values, goals and a belief and behavior system, will support the lifestyle changes you wish to make to brew your best life. You go where you place your energy.

The 9 points which make up The PERCOLATE Process will help you ultimately “Percolate Peace,” and will help you profoundly shift your life – and – you’ll have some fun along the way.



To begin, ask yourself these questions:

  • What footprints am I leaving?
  • Am I making the world a better place? In what ways?  What is holding me back?
  • How am I living my day-to-day life?
  • How do I feel most days?
  • Are there people in my life who have my back and vice-versa?
  • What’s my why?
  • What are my values, goals, beliefs and how is my behavior?
  • Does my behavior match my values, goals and beliefs?
  • What’s the pace of my life like?
  • Do I feel stuck?
  • What are my passions and talents?
  • How do I respond to rejection and criticism?
  • Does it shut me down or do I never give up?


Be Accepting

Love, Elizabeth

Percolate Coffee Break – Be Your Best You



Good Morning from Maine!  #Gratitude 

Welcome to Percolate Daily.

 I hope you follow along with me each day, perhaps even consider using a journal to write your thoughts as we go.  I also would love your comments and I’m sure others would appreciate them too.  My new book is  Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through and for today, we are going to take our first coffee break. We’ll do this each Saturday and Sunday for quiet time, reflection and moments.

Percolate Coffee Break

Be Your Best You


I hope you are starting to Percolate with me and have started to think about change. The word change makes people run for cover, fall back into old habits or dig their feet in even more.  Those responses are all quite normal because we get so used to the familiar and we find tremendous comfort in some routine and expectations.  We know what we fear and what we don’t.  Change happens all around you, all of the time.  It can be foggy & fuzzy and ambiguous.  It can stir up fears and anxiety, especially if you aren’t in control.


Ask yourself these questions:








Are you courageous, consistent, determined, focused and ready?

Are you practicing gratitude?

How is your self-confidence?

What about you makes up you?  What do you like? love? crave?


Be Your Best You

Love, Elizabeth