Brew Your Best Life in 2015

015Good Morning from Maine! #Gratitude​

Welcome to PERCOLATE Daily.

I hope you follow along with me each day, perhaps even consider using a journal to write your thoughts as we go.  I also would love your comments and I’m sure others would appreciate them too. In my book, Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through, today and for the next several days, we are following along with The PERCOLATE Process.

I also taped a 50 minute free audio for you to listen to.  Click to listen:  Brew Your Best Life in 2015.

When we Percolate, we gradually improve ourselves and others as our message we share with the world expands.  When we are our best self, we touch the lives and hearts of others in positive, compassionate and often enlightening ways.

To begin Percolating and being our best, we must first understand that our life opens up when we shift our energy into our passions and talents that tap into our soul.  This, combined with developing and using your own set values, goals and a belief and behavior system, will support the lifestyle changes you wish to make to brew your best life. You go where you place your energy.

The 9 points which make up The PERCOLATE Process will help you ultimately “Percolate Peace,” and will help you profoundly shift your life – and – you’ll have some fun along the way.



To begin, ask yourself these questions:

  • What footprints am I leaving?
  • Am I making the world a better place? In what ways?  What is holding me back?
  • How am I living my day-to-day life?
  • How do I feel most days?
  • Are there people in my life who have my back and vice-versa?
  • What’s my why?
  • What are my values, goals, beliefs and how is my behavior?
  • Does my behavior match my values, goals and beliefs?
  • What’s the pace of my life like?
  • Do I feel stuck?
  • What are my passions and talents?
  • How do I respond to rejection and criticism?
  • Does it shut me down or do I never give up?


Be Accepting

Love, Elizabeth