Percolate Peace (Day 3)

Percolate Pea

Good Morning from Maine!  #Gratitude 

Welcome to Percolate Daily.

 I hope you follow along with me each day, perhaps even consider using a journal to write your thoughts as we go.  I also would love your comments and I’m sure others would appreciate them too. In my book, Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through, today and for the next several days, we are following along with Percolate Point 9 – Percolate Peace.

Percolate Peace


The types of choices you make in your life either add to or distract from your levels of peace.  These choices move your energy around. Some are unaware or not tuned into their energy shifts and thus not fully aware of their full potential of centered peace within. When we move too fast through our lives we might miss cues, which can bring us out of balance.  Energy is always changing.  To help you find your core of peace, think with your heart.


Imagine if you started and ended each day from peace. Write about what that looks like for you.

Are you thinking with your heart?

How are you spending your energy?

What kind of choices are you making?

Does your behavior match your values?

Is it difficult for you to break from your friends and the crowd and follow your own highest, truest values and self?



Be Peaceful

Love, Elizabeth

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