Percolate Coffee Break – Be Your Best You



Good Morning from Maine!  #Gratitude 

Welcome to Percolate Daily.

 I hope you follow along with me each day, perhaps even consider using a journal to write your thoughts as we go.  I also would love your comments and I’m sure others would appreciate them too.  My new book is  Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through and for today, we are going to take our first coffee break. We’ll do this each Saturday and Sunday for quiet time, reflection and moments.

Percolate Coffee Break

Be Your Best You


I hope you are starting to Percolate with me and have started to think about change. The word change makes people run for cover, fall back into old habits or dig their feet in even more.  Those responses are all quite normal because we get so used to the familiar and we find tremendous comfort in some routine and expectations.  We know what we fear and what we don’t.  Change happens all around you, all of the time.  It can be foggy & fuzzy and ambiguous.  It can stir up fears and anxiety, especially if you aren’t in control.


Ask yourself these questions:








Are you courageous, consistent, determined, focused and ready?

Are you practicing gratitude?

How is your self-confidence?

What about you makes up you?  What do you like? love? crave?


Be Your Best You

Love, Elizabeth





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