Percolate Values

Percolate Values


Good Morning from Maine!  #Gratitude 

Welcome to Percolate Daily.

 I hope you follow along with me each day, perhaps even consider using a journal to write your thoughts as we go.  I also would love your comments and I’m sure others would appreciate them too. In my book, Percolate – Let Your Best Self Filter Through, today, we are following along with Percolate Point 6 – Expresso Yourself.

Percolate Values


As we grow, change and age, we discover and create a value system.  Our lives and our value system are also dynamic and can change.  Does your behavior match your values? We usually operate somewhere on a day-to-day continuum depending on how calm and aware we are of what our inner voice says.  When we aren’t able to hear the highest self-talk, we tend to neglect our self-care and turn to external sources.  This can trigger imbalance.  When we are quiet and tune-in to ourselves and circumstances, we can bring ourselves back to core.

Here are a few examples of my personal values:

1. Practice Gratitude

2. Developing and Maintaining a practice of self-love and self-worth, where behaviors match values

3. Moments Mattering

4. Developing, mentoring and inspiring others

5. Having an abundance of integrity

6. Taking responsibility

7. Believing & Having Courage

8. Never Giving Up

9. Living to my best, highest self and potential – Being My Best You

10. Embracing aging with grace, humor and style

There are situations all throughout our lifetimes where behaviors happen around us that we don’t agree with.  It might be difficult to stand and hold your values in place, especially when you don’t want to behave in-line with a crowd or small group or even yourself for that matter.  Develop your core values and know who you and what your being can and can’t handle.  Our bodies tell us if you listen.  They tell us in the form of illness, tiredness, lack of focus, happiness, positive energy and more.  Listen to yourself.


What are your top 10 or 20 values?

Does your behavior match your values?

Do you know your core values?

Do you know and recognize when your body is in imbalance mode?

What do you do to bring yourself back to center?

What behavior is in your highest, best interest and helps you be your authentic best?

How do you remove yourself from situations where the behaviors don’t match your own values? How do you handle these situations?


Be Principled

Love, Elizabeth